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Iron Man: Extremis - Warren Ellis Extremis made its mark on the Iron Man movie. Maybe not so much with the plot, but with the way the character of Tony Stark was handled, and with the updated version of his backstory. Here, a (white supremacist) terrorist gets his hands on an attempt to make a new version of the super soldier formula and ends up with super strength and the ability to breathe fire. The story moves very fast, and there's some very satisfying action. I was a little disappointed that the terrorist's purpose and motives are only hinted at, at best, but he was so unpleasant I wouldn't have wanted many more panels of him anyways.

I am not a fan of the CG art. It makes the Iron Man suit look fantastic, but there's a lack of texture on the people themselves. Coupled with the almost complete lack of expression, it makes the whole thing only one step removed from posing action figures. Maybe I just don't like CG art in comics. Too flat for me.