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Batgirl, Vol. 1: Batgirl Rising - Bryan Q. Miller, Lee Garbett, Trevor Scott, Phil Noto, Cully Hamner I feel sorry for Stephanie. She was Robin for about five minutes before being murdered by Black Mask. Does she get a memorial? Nope. DC editorial says she was never "really" Robin. Then she comes back from the dead and gets to be Batgirl- for about five minutes. Then New 52 comes along and she gets replaced by a de-paralyzed Barbara Gordon. So where's Stephanie now? Don't know, DC editorial forbids any appearance or mention of her.

I bring all this up because I really, really like Stephanie as Batgirl. She enjoys being Batgirl, even though she makes more than a few mistakes. It's the way that she reacts to her mistakes that really endears her to me: a moment of crushing embarassment, followed by diving right back in. And huge, huge bonus points to the artist for not oversexualizing her.

Babs plays a huge role here, as Stephanie's reluctant mentor. Their relationship dynamic (squabbling sisters covers it) is very fun to read. Almost as much fun as watching Damian interact with Stephanie.

I just wish there was more Stephanie to read. There are a couple more trades of her as Batgirl, sure. But all things considered (DiDio seems really hostile towards her as a character) I doubt her next appearance, if it ever comes, will end with her in a box.