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Wonder Woman: The Contest - William Messner-Loebs, Mike Deodato Jr. If you must read this, do yourself a favor: do not, under any circumstances, read it right after a Wonder Woman book by a writer like Perez, Rucka, or Simone. You know, a book that has good dialog, respect for the characters and their histories, and art that is neither hideously ugly nor exploitative. I'd hate it just based on the art alone. What are they wearing? Especially offensive and jarring when compared to Perez putting the Amazons in stylized chitons. And that's aside from the grotesque poses the artist uses that I guess are supposed to be sexy but really just look like somebody has a very vague idea of how the human spine works. The story is based on a kernel of a good idea but it's so poorly executed that it doesn't matter how good it looked in the planning stages.