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Wonder Woman, Vol. 2: Challenge of the Gods - George Pérez, Len Wein, Bruce Patterson There's one fairly lengthy storyline here, as well as two individual issues that tie up loose ends left over from the first collection. The first issue was text-heavy, summing up the events of the previous trade and filling in some gaps. It seemed to refer to some events that happened elsewhere (JLA, maybe?). The second issue re-introduced the Cheetah. This kind of felt like a weak issue to me, but it did lead to Diana returning home for the rest of the trade. What happens to an Amazon who rejects Zeus? He sets her off on a grueling series of challenges. Of course. There are a few "Wait... What?" moments in here, and it seems like key elements of the story were settled elsewhere, without any explanation in this trade. I would have taken a page of text summing it up, and I think it might have really helped.

It strikes me that the characterization of Wonder Woman here (still new to Man's World) is what Geoff Johns might be trying to draw from in Justice League, Vol. 1: Origin. It's just done much better here.