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Wonder Woman, Vol. 1: Who is Wonder Woman? - Allan Heinberg, Rachel Dodson, Gary Frank, Jon Sibal, Terry Dodson, Brian K. Vaughan After the events of Infinite Crisis, Diana apparently went off by herself to do a little soul searching. In her place, Donna Troy took up the mantle of Wonder Woman. Oh, how I wish this book had been about Donna's turn as Wonder Woman. But that went came and went very quickly, maybe within the first issue. (Since this collection doesn't show issue divisions at all, I can't be sure. I do not like when trades do this, by the way.)

What we end up is more like a Who's Who of Wonder Woman villains than a cohesive storyline. Even Hercules shows up, proving once again that Diana can be way too willing to forgive and forget. It's that "where's the kitchen sink?" tendency by the writer that drags down a story that has some interesting things to say about Wonder Woman, about her contradictions (warrior for peace, for one) and about who she is and can be.