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Childhood's End
Arthur C. Clarke
Brian Michael Bendis, Olivier Coipel
Scrivener's Moon - Audio
Philip Reeve
Lovecraft Unbound - Ellen Datlow, Dale Bailey, Richard Bowes, Anna Tambour, Brian Evenson, Amanda Downum, Joel Lane, Holly Phillips, William Browning Spencer, Caitlín R. Kiernan, Michael Cisco, Marc Laidlaw, Michael Chabon, Lavie Tidhar, Joyce Carol Oates, Simon Kurt Unsworth, Michael   She This is not a collection of Mythos stories, or even stories necessarily set in Lovecraft's world. It seems the idea was to collect stories inspired by the tone in much of Lovecraft's work. Bleak hopelessness, psychological strain, that sort of thing. Oh, there are indeed things recognizable as Old Ones, but none of the familiar ones. So if you're a fan of Lovecraft, you're likely to enjoy the style the authors were aiming for, but feel somewhat mislead with what you get. Be forewarned.

Anthologies tend to be mixed bags, and this one was no exception. There are some great stories in here, and there are some that just left me cold. My two favorites were Holly Phillips's Cold Water Survival and Caitlin R. Kiernan's Houses Under the Sea. Creepy, well-written, and nicely paced. There are other good stories, and ones that might have been good with one or two improvements. I'd say that I enjoyed more than half of the stories, always a good divide for an anthology.