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Wonder Woman, Vol. 1: Gods and Mortals - Bruce Patterson, Greg Potter, Len Wein, George Pérez Crisis on Infinite Earths wiped Wonder Woman from existence in the mainline DCU. This was her (literal, in fact) rebirth. This particular trade (issues 1-7 of the rebooted Wonder Woman) is exposition heavy in the extreme, but it really has to be. George Perez laid down a fairly comprehensive mythology that would stick with Wonder Woman pretty much right up to the reboot. That much is fantastically plotted, and from what I've seen so far, he seemed to be doing a pretty good job writing Wonder Woman, apparently a challenging character. It is, however, somewhat dated. This shows up especially in the panel layouts, but the dialog, art style, and some of the tone are showing the book's age. It's good quality work of the era (mid 80s), besides giving pretty essential background to the character.