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Deadpool: All in the Family - James Asmus, Cullen Bunn, Mary Choi, Duane Swierczynski, Darnell Johnson, Dominike Stanton, Irene Strychalski, Simone Bianchi I feel like this trade was kind of thrown together out of bits and pieces just to make a trade. I'm ok with that, because there's some really good stuff here. It starts with the Deadpool Family one shot, a series of short stories about the various members of the Deadpool Corps. It is, naturally, a mixed bag, but mostly good and definitely weird. Then there's Cable #25, a flashback to when Deadpool helped Cable get baby Hope out of Alaska. It's a great reminder of why the Cable and Deadpool team up actually worked. Last is what is being called Deadpool and Cable #25. This is not the same as Cable and Deadpool #25, mind you, and it's technically Cable #26. Cable has died (yes, again) and Deadpool sets out to make sure his friend is remembered in the way that only Deadpool can. This was my favorite of the three issues in here. As a collection, good for Deadpool fans.