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Deadpool & Cable Ultimate Collection - Book 1 - Fabian Nicieza, Chris Stevens, Mark Brooks, Patrick Zircher, Shane Law Cable and Deadpool is, on the surface, an almost entirely nonsensical idea for a teamup book. Luckily, Nicieza seems to have understood that. Most of this large (18 issues) collection is dedicated to sorting out why they're Cable and Deadpool are together in the first place. There are issues, of course. Cable's power level seems to be really overreaching to me, for one. Also, this isn't quite the Deadpool I'm used to. It may be because we aren't so much in his head from a narration standpoint, but I also think that he's missing some of his usual zest. But the recap pages, when they start showing up, are great, and there are some truly priceless scenes (Sinister's entire appearance is gold). This particular trade also reprints the letter columns, which is of highly variable interest.