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Night of the Living Trekkies (Quirk Fiction) - Kevin David Anderson, Sam Stall I'm a proud second-generation Trekker, and everybody knows that zombies are awesome. So when somebody writes a book about a zombie outbreak at a Star Trek convention, my only response has to be, "Shut up and take my money."

Here's the thing: Night of the Living Trekkies works equally well as an affectionate parody of Trekkies/Trekkers and as a zombie book. Seriously. The zombies are frightening, gruesome, and even have an original touch. (Alien parasites! How very Trek.) There's good action, with fantastic Trek weapons. (Who doesn't want to decapitate a zombie with a lirpa? Besides people who don't know what a lirpa is, of course. Hint: You want to decapitate a zombie with one.) Anderson is very affectionate in his portrayal of Trekkies (he must be One of Us) in a Galaxy Quest sort of way, which makes for an especially fun read for a Trekker.

Most of all, there are developed characters here that are easy to care about and get invested in. Jim Pike (what a fabulous name!) is our viewpoint character, and he's interesting, believable, and somebody that I really liked by the end of the book. The supporting cast is varied, fun to read about, and a realistic spread of characters that might be at a Star Trek convention.

In a way, Night of the Living Trekkies reminded me of Shaun of the Dead. There's that same balance of humor and credible zombie action. When Jim stumbles across a group of zombies feeding on the brains of a fallen conventioneer, it's grotesque and creepy, as it should be. But when you realize that the corpse is dressed as Spock and the zombies were dressed as the brain thieves from Spock's Brain, it's also hilarious. I think that one scene is a perfect description of everything that the book does, and does well.