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Deadpool Classic, Vol. 4 - Joe Kelly;James Felder Hey, this is where I came in! My first exposure to Deadpool was the short Deadpool #0 published in Wizard, reprinted at the end of this collection. In a way, it isn't exactly representative of what was going on in the comics at the time. Deadpool was going through some pretty heavy stuff. But it does paint an accurate portrait of Deadpool's personality. It also has the benefit of being silly fun. Yes, this is what originally got me hooked on the character of Deadpool. Now, as for the main storyline. Everything from Deadpool #1 on has been building up to this, Deadpool finally becoming LL&L's messiah. The setup is strong, and I liked what they did with Tiamat. But in the end, it fizzled out a bit. Kelly lets Deadpool get a little too deep into his self-pity. I won't say it's unrealistic or necessarily out of character, but it dragged everything down with it. Really more like 3.5 stars, but Deadpool himself is making me round it up.