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Sleeper Season One - Ed Brubaker;Sean Phillips Noir-flavored, super-powered spy comic. Fantastic.

Carver is trapped, a double agent in a hyper-organized super-criminal organization. His contact, and the only person who knows that he's working undercover, is in a coma and may never wake up. He could never prove to the authorities that he's clean, and couldn't hope to escape his current employers without their help. And he's been in so long that he's starting to lose sight of who he was.

It's fantastic. Noir and superheroes really can work well together, and this is a prime example. I loved how the powers given reflect the setting, especially with the almost literal femme fatale, Miss Misery. Being good makes her sick, in a very literal sense, and it's only by being bad that she can stay healthy.

The storyline really takes Carver through the wringer. As well it should, because this shouldn't be easy for him. He goes on quite a journey here, and it doesn't seem to be looking up for him anytime soon. And because I found myself getting attached to him, it made for a pretty tense read in spots. And with a good cliffhanger that will have me reaching for season two soon.