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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 Volume 7: Twilight - 'Brad Meltzer',  'Joss Whedon' I just don't know. I think that maybe the Buffy team bit off more than they can chew, with the huge concepts and giant demons and creating a new pocket universe or something. It's too much, and it honestly isn't done very well. Angel is back, of course, but his role is only barely believable. Why does he do what he does in this book? I'm not sure I entirely get it. Maybe the Angel comics would have cleared that up. I was amused that Twilight wasn't just a dig at That Other Series, it was also a clue. But even with this almost Grant Morrison level WTFery, the characters themselves are still (mostly- poor Angel) written very well, very in character, and with the dialogue that we're used to seeing in the Buffyverse. So yes, I did still enjoy it, to an extent, but seriously, why?