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Millennium Snow, Vol. 2 - Bisco Hatori There are still things that I like about Millennium Snow. I like the three main characters themselves, and I like how the vampires work. I also liked the first story, even with the bizarre setup. (Toya doesn't like riding in buses, so let's walk through the snowy mountains! Because that makes total sense.) But the second story had a strange twist for a new character. I had a hard time believing that Keigo could so quickly turn from being a loving big brother substitute to... Well, I couldn't even begin to describe it. Sure, I buy him being concerned under the circumstances, but there's a step too far and then there's what Keigo does. Unfortunately, there's no ending for Millennium Snow, and there's unlikely to ever be one, so there's no telling what would have come of his storyline. I don't think I'd recommend the series as a whole, except to hardcore shojo fans, for just that reason.