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Kitchen Princess 8 - Natsumi Ando;Miyuki Kobayashi Kind of a rough volume for poor Najiko. There's a lot more development of her new rival, Seiya, and the difference in their cooking styles: Seiya cooks to show off his ingredients and his skills, and Najiko cooks to make each person who eats her food happy. It's why Seiya's food may be objectively better from a technical standpoint, but why people end up liking Najiko's food more. Seiya's personality development really starts here, when he decides to understand how and why Najiko is so successful. The real villain isn't him, it's the director of the school, Daichi and Sora's father. And even he has a motive that is at least understandable: he honestly blames Najiko for Sora's death. That doesn't make him any less of a jerk in general, though.