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Millennium Snow, Vol. 1 - Bisco Hatori I've really liked Ouran High School Host Club, so I decided to try this, one of Bisco Hatori's earlier works. You can most tell that it's earlier from comparing the art. Millenium Snow's is crude and lacks detail compared with Ouran. It's still pretty good, though. The story is stronger. I like the concept of vampires used here, that they're weak without blood (but won't die) and that they normally take care of that need by finding a human partner. The human will let the vampire drink from them on a regular basis, and in will live as long as their vampire partner does in return. This is appealing to the heroine, Chiyuki, since she has a heart condition and isn't expected to live much longer. Toya, a vampire who doesn't want to drink blood at all, isn't sold on the idea. I did end up liking the characters, and I'm interested to see where this story is going. I'm not exactly sold on the romance yet, though.