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Cat Burglar Black - Richard Sala K's parents died when she was young. The orphanage she was raised in doubled as a training ground for pickpockets, and K was a top student until the place burned to the ground. Now, she's been sent to the private school her aunt owns, only to find that it too doubles as a training ground for thieves. She and the other three girls at the school have been recruited to rob three paintings from eccentric and wealthy owners, because each holds a clue to a larger puzzle.

Cat Burglar Black was written for a YA audience, and it shows most in how quickly the story is told. In roughly 120 pages, we have backstory, setup, three major robberies, plus the climax of the plot. It's a little rushed, and it would have been improved by expanding some of it, especially the robberies themselves. That said, I liked the characters, the art, the plot itself, and the way the action was handled. It's a fun read, and it has an open ending that might lead to future volumes.