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Blackest Night: Rise of the Black Lanterns - Geoff Johns, James Robinson, Peter J. Tomasi, Greg Rucka, Ryan Sook, Denys Cowan, Various This Blackest Night trade is quite a mishmash. The idea was to bring back several canceled series from the dead for the event, publishing a single issue of each to tie in to the Black Lantern Corps storyline. Some of them are better than others, and I could swear the quality started to decline as I got deeper into the book. (The Catwoman story, while good, is also available in one of the Gotham City Sirens books, so I had already read it.) The Green Arrow story (from his perspective while his body is being controlled by the black ring) was actually a pretty good read, even though I'm not really a fan of the the Green Arrow family. The Superboy story, which is virtually identical in setup, wasn't nearly as successful for me. The Atom and Starman (really more Shade) stories were also pretty good reads. The rest of the collection was inoffensive, but nothing great. The description here on Goodreads describes this trade as being essential to the Blackest Night storyline. It's not.