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Civil War: Wolverine - Marc Guggenheim, Humberto Ramos You know it's bad when the sole voice of reason in the Marvel Universe is Wolverine. From what I've seen, Wolverine seems to be the only person in the world interested in finding the guy who actually killed all those people in Stamford, and the only guy willing to find out how he got the juice to do so in the first place. What a way to point out the absurdity of using the actions of a supervillain as an excuse to hunt down superheroes. (This kind of reaction doesn't exactly come entirely out of nowhere in the Marvel U, which has a long history of rewarding those who save the world by trying to kill them.) The result is a story that's actually pretty decent, one of the best things to come out of this whole Civil War mess.

The art, on the other hand... The back cover of the trade refers to Humberto Ramos as a fan-favorite artist. All I have to say to that is: Really? Really?