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Batman and Robin, Vol. 1: Batman Reborn - Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely, Philip Tan I really like Dick Grayson as Batman. He brings a very different feel to the cowl. Bruce's son, Damian, makes a good Robin for Dick's Batman. He's not quite the infuriating little brat he was when he first showed up, though he's still a brat. They're great characters, with a great dynamic, and their first two storylines make total sense. Of course Dick Grayson would have to face a killer carnival. Of course Jason Todd would show up again. In fact, everything is going great, and then Professor Pyg shows up. One of Morrison's new villains, (he's apparently come up with a lot of them he hasn't even used yet...) Pyg is strange and creepy and threatening, but can probably be best summed up with "???"

The art is serviceable. But the covers are so wildly stylish that I can't help but love them. I also love that the trade includes a fairly sizeable section at the end of Grant Morrison talking about the artistic choices made for both the covers and character designs, complete with roughs. It's a great presentation.