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Mass Effect: Ascension - Drew Karpyshyn Timeline note: Ascension is set almost immediately after the events of the first Mass Effect, and before the opening scene in Mass Effect 2.

Picking up the character of Kahlee Sanders from the first Mass Effect novel, Ascension is a Cerberus-heavy story that doesn't seem to have much of an effect on the overall Mass Effect universe. It can still be a very interesting story. Karpyshyn is a good enough writer, and he knows the setting. Maybe a little too much. There are parts of the book that read more like codex entries in the game than the inner thoughts of a character in a novel. He's actually improved this tendency from the last book, which could be even wordier. The story seems to take a long time to set up, and wraps up a little quickly and neatly.

But it still has some good action in there. I also really liked getting to see what quarians live like, even more than in ME2. Probably the most valuable thing the book has to offer, in my opinion, is that additional insight into quarian life in the flotilla. For Mass Effect fans, I would say it's a must-read. But it wouldn't appeal to anyone who isn't a big fan. More than that, I'd say that somebody who isn't familiar with the ME setting would be totally lost.