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Animal Man, Vol. 1 - Grant Morrison, Chas Truog, Doug Hazlewood, Tom Grummett The first time I remember ever seeing Animal Man was in the pages of 52. I liked him right away, and I was pleased to see that the parts that I liked best about his character were here during Morrison's run on the title. I like Buddy because he's a family man, a "normal" guy even with the superpowers, and I like him because he has a clear driving motive. Yes, Morrison was pretty much using Buddy as a mouthpiece for his own animal rights agenda, but it suits his character, and his powers, for Buddy to lean that way, too. Yes, some animals are carnivores and hunt and eat each other, but once you've borrowed the strength of a bull, can you really eat a cow again? Once you've borrowed the agility of a monkey, can you really support animal testing? It all makes sense in context.

The first few issues here are very expository, and not quite as weird as Morrison can get. (Coyote Gospel aside, of course.) The point is to get to know who Buddy is, how he works, and what he's fighting for. It works for that, though I'm sure it helps that I already really liked the character. And yes, I will certainly be reading more of Morrison's run on Animal Man.