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Batman: Gotham Underground - Frank Tieri, Jim Calafiore, Jack Purcell Somewhat underwhelming, but not terrible. The story revolves around attempts to fill the power vacuum in Gotham's organized crime scene. There are many contenders, but it comes down to a standoff between Tobias Whale (not familiar with him) and "legitimate businessman" Penguin. Personally, I like seeing Penguin in his Iceberg Lounge. I think it suits his character better than attempting to steal bird-themed items. I also liked the few scenes with the reformed Riddler. Both of these guys are smart enough to realize that in Gotham, crime doesn't pay, but merchandise does. There's a subplot about the Suicide Squad taking supercriminals out of Gotham, but that's really just a lead in for the JLA storyline, Salvation Run. Luckily, that's next on my list. The art is good enough that I can't really complain. Still not a great book, but it's decent.