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Superman: Sacrifice - Greg Rucka, Mark Verheiden, Gail Simone, Ed Benes, John Byrne, Karl Kerschl, Rags Morales, Tony S. Daniel, David López, Ron Randall So I'm really not a Superman person, I'm just reading this because I'm trying to read up on the DC crossover events. I know that's like 50 trades, and I accept that I'm crazy for trying at this point. At any rate, Superman: Sacrifice was part of the buildup to Infinite Crisis. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten my hands on Project OMAC yet, and it seems like OMAC should probably be read first. There's a lot of intermingled events here. The basic idea is that Maxwell Lord (Luthor Lite) has managed to take control of Superman's mind. I'm not exactly sure how. If it was explained in the issues collected here, I missed it. Maybe that's in OMAC. The end result is that Wonder Woman feels compelled to do something that Superman and Batman both regard as essentially unforgiveable.

And it's ok. I guess everybody seemed more or less in character. The storyline itself simply wasn't that interesting to me. I get that an out-of-control Superman would be a very scary thing, but I don't think that was developed very well. Considering the implications, the entire storyline felt like it had been compressed, but that's probably partly to do with the crossover. Storylines need resolving in a set number of issues, no more and no less. Of course, I may not even be seeing the end of the storyline, and it may end up spreading out across a dozen or so trades. But what was here? It was ok.