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Cosmic Odyssey - Jim Starlin, Mike Mignola, Carlos Garzon, Steve Oliff, Robert Greenberger Stalin's take on a cosmic epic in the DCU ended up feeling, to me, like a pale imitation of his Marvel U cosmic epics. Sure, he was brought in to essentially do what he'd done for Marvel with his various Thanos minis for DC, but I did expect more out of it. Maybe it's because the anti-life threat felt forced, even more so than the threat that Thanos usually poses. The dialogue seemed a little under par to me, too.

There are two noteworthy things here, and Mike Mignola's art is one of them. This is pre-Hellboy, and you can see the Kirby influences plainly. It suits the story and writing style Starlin had here. Also, there's a big piece of Green Lantern history here: John Stewart's big failure. Parts of that storyline are indeed forced, but since I've read so much of him dealing with the aftermath of that event, it was nice to finally see where and how it happened.