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13th Boy 1 - Sang Eun Lee Meh. I picked up this book not because I thought it would appeal to me (my record with romance comics is very hit or miss) but because I'm interested in reading more manhwa. I haven't read much so far, and I would like to at least try. It doesn't help that many books tagged "manhwa" here on Goodreads just aren't.

This is probably not the best representative of Korean comics. As a story, it seems confused. Does it want to be a younger teen romance, or does it want to be a fantasy? The first chapter is written as a straightforward romance, but the second chapter opens with a walking, talking cactus. It's jarring. I found the main character, Hee-So, to be intensely annoying. She's loud, clingy, and so "in love" with apparent love interest Won-Jun that she refuses to take any of his expressed feelings into account. She wants him, she'll have him, and she doesn't care what he thinks about it. Yes, she's a stalker, and we're supposed to think this is... What? Cute? Romantic? A sign of how true and pure her love is? No, I don't think so.

The art looks cute on the cover, but I wasn't blown away by what I saw inside. It isn't terrible, by any means. I've seen far worse. I'm just not thrilled.