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Wonder Woman: The Blue Amazon - Jean-Marc Lofficier, Randy Lofficier, Ted McKeever I'm not entirely sure what I think about Blue Amazon, other than that I didn't like it. It's an interesting take on an alternate reality... I think. Ultimately, the artwork and storytelling is so muddled (not to mention short on space) that I never really got a firm grasp on exactly what this world was like. The artwork reminded me, more than anything, of some of the more excessive panels from Batman: Arkham Asylum. It really did nothing for me.

Now, Diana herself... Oh, dear. When I think of the essential characteristics of Diana, I think of her strength, her compassion, her faith, and her resiliency. Lofficier, apparently, thought only about her sex appeal, and decided to play with that trait in the most skin-crawlingly creepy way possible. And that kept me from enjoying the book.